SYNOPSISJohn Dempsey, former Navy SEAL and Tier One operator, is back. Only a few months into his new life as an operative for Ember, the United States’ most covert counterterrorism entity, he must stop an old nemesis who’s resurfaced after ten years of operating in the shadows. From the deserts of Iraq, through the jungles of Guatemala, to the streets of suburbia, Dempsey and his Ember team race against time to stop a series of horrific and devious attacks against the homeland.



A Wall Street Journal Best Seller

A #1 Amazon Best Seller

"Andrews and Wilson continue to fire on all cylinders, impressing once again with War Shadows, the latest high-voltage entry in their gritty military thriller franchise" The Real Book Spy

"This is the most realistic series I have ever read about counterterrorism...  These two authors make a Hellava pair writing great series. Can't wait for a 3rd and beyond, Count me in as a hooked fan." VB King


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Discover the book that started it all and find out why over 300,000 readers love TIER ONE!  #1 Amazon Best Seller


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SYNOPSIS: In war, there are cowards and heroes. Warriors and martyrs. Victors and the vanquished. Some of these men are celebrated, some are vilified, and some are forgotten. But an elite few, battle tirelessly and anonymously to secure the fate of nations in the shadows. John Dempsey—Navy SEAL and covert warfare specialist—is one of these men.

TIER ONE is the story of one man's quest to safeguard the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. When his fellow operators are targeted for assassination, only John Dempsey can stop the plot to cripple America by wiping out its most valuable military asset—the Tier One Special Forces program.

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